Mobilism is looking for sponsors:

  • Device sponsors, who give us at least ten devices which we'll give away to random audience members
  • Money sponsors, to the amount of €6,000 (roughly equal to the cost of ten smartphones)

If you're interested in a sponsorship, please contact us.

Device sponsors

Mobilism is a prime opportunity for getting your mobile or tablet devices in the hands of web developers who are enthusiastic about mobile and might be spurred to create web apps for it. We ask you to provide at least ten devices, but you're perfectly free to give us more if you're so inclined. The more devices you give away, the more developer mindshare you'll get.

During the conference we'll draw random attendees who will then draw a random device. Any attendee can win only one device. Speakers, organisers, and sponsors are not eligible.

Money sponsors

Since there's quite a bit of interest in non-device sponsorships, we're also allowing traditional sponsorships for money. The cost is €6,000, or roughly the price of ten smartphones. The sponsorship benefits are the same as for the device sponsorship.

Sponsorship benefits

In exchange for your devices or money you get

  • your logo on the conference website and in the booklet
  • two free tickets, which include an invitation to speakers' dinner
  • the right to buy more tickets for €450 apiece (25% discount)
  • customised badges with your logo for all your attendees
  • a brief on-stage introduction to your devices by PPK

In addition, sponsors may opt for the following once they sign up. Both benefits will be extended to only one sponsor:

  • you have the option of giving us lanyards
  • you have the option of making your name the wifi password

We do not give out speaker slots to sponsors under any circumstance.


Unfortunately ticket sales are not going well, and we expect a total number of attendees of about 200-225. About 40% of the audience comes from the Netherlands, 10%+ each from Germany, Norway, and Sweden, and most of the rest from the rest of Europe. Non-European attendees form only about 5% of the total.

Most of the audience is well-versed in one or more disciplines within traditional desktop web design or development. They are fascinated by mobile and the mobile web, but don't quite know how to approach a mobile web project yet, and are confused by the immense amount of browsers, platforms, screen sizes, players, and configurations in the mobile world.

The conference aims to explain the difference between desktop and mobile web development. Most of the sessions will be explanations of one specific technical or design topic, or anything else that helps desktop web designers and developers to take their talent to mobile. There will also be a few general overview sessions.

What the audience needs most, apart from solid technical and conceptual how-tos, is actual devices where they can test their sites on. That's why we're asking our sponsors to provide those devices to us.

A minority of the audience comes from the mobile world. This section will be interested in how web design and development works; not necessarily its details, but definitely its ways of working and tools and tricks.