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Mobilism 2015 is over

11 October 2011 · PPK

Today we have given away free tickets for Mobilism 2012. To get an idea of why you’d want a free ticket, here’s Antony Ribot’s session from the previous edition.

We have randomly selected three of our Lanyrd trackers for free tickets. We are currently waiting to hear from them, and if we don’t we’ll draw other winners.

The Mobilism contest, where participants had to identify ten phones in order to win a free ticket, has ended. The winners are Lars Lindbäck, Brian Pagán, Paul Verbeek, Bruno Renié, Trygve Lie, and Mohammed Ameen.

Congratulations to our prize winners. You can come pick up your free ticket on 10th of May in Amsterdam.

PPK gives the solution of the contest on his blog, and talks a bit about the subtle difference between an Alcatel Blaze and an HTC Smart.

All free tickets have now been assigned, but from next Tuesday on you can buy normal tickets, some of which are so cheap we could as well have given them away.