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Mobilism 2015 is over

15 November 2011 · PPK

We're continuing our series of speaker announcements with Scott Jenson. He has worked in UI for many years, first for Apple, later for Symbian and Google. He will share his thoughts on the continuing evolution of mobile interfaces.

Last year we also had a Scott speak: Scott Jehl of jQuery Mobile. The video of his presentation is live now.

Behind the screens we've been working hard on a new design for the site, and today we can finally unveil it. We've used current best practices from mobile web development to create a site that will work well on any device. No doubt there will be small issues here and there, but we'll continue to work on it.

Also, two reminders: if you want to speak at Mobilism yourself, take a look at our Call for Papers, which will close in a month. If you're more interested in a ticket, be aware that early bird will close at the end of December, or when all tickets are sold. So it's better to order yours now.