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Mobilism 2015 is over

24 April 2012 · PPK

Today we can announce the majority of the devices we'll share out among our attendees.

Mobilism 2012 will be sponsored by BlackBerry, Nokia, Intel, Google, HP, Adobe PhoneGap, and Microsoft. Of these seven sponsors, four will give us ten devices each that we'll share out among our attendees:

  • 10 Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones with Android 4 from Google
  • 10 TouchPad tablets with webOS from HP
  • 8 Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone from Nokia
  • 2 Nokia N9 phones with MeeGo from Nokia
  • 10 BlackBerry devices; their exact nature is not yet known. We'll give you an update as soon as possible

Thus every one of the about 350 Mobilism attendees will have a chance that's rather better than 10% to take a device home with them. In other words, you have a chance of at least 10% to get back your ticket price. Cool, no?

Anyway, you still have two weeks to buy your ticket and you chance of obtaining a modern device. See you on 10th of May.