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Mobilism 2015 is over

24 February 2015 · PPK

We'd just like to let you know that Mobilism, 27th of March in Amsterdam, is going to be a stellar conference. All the content is in, and we're excited. What about you? Judge for yourself.

  • Sascha Wolter is going to talk about the Internet of Things, and why it's not a business hype but good for creativity. If you ask him nicely he will actually show you.
  • Seb Lee-Delisle is also going to show stuff. He's known for his wild technical/creative experiments with devices, and he won't disappoint on this Mobilism.
  • Agnieszka Walorska is going to take a stab at defining what she calls anticipatory design: design that doesn't react to the user's present situation, but to their future situation without coming across as uncanny.
  • Tim Kadlec is going to unveil the secrets of building for proxy browsers based on an actual project.
  • Jacob Rossi is going to talk about adapting your input to the input types the user is actually using.
  • PPK will discuss Chromium's dirty secrets: why are so MANY Chromia being used on the mobile web, while the desktop web has only the most recent one?
  • Stephanie Rieger is going to open our eyes to the fact that non-Western, especially Chinese, websites, are becoming more and more important, and that they use technological and business models unknown in the West.
  • Petro Salema will travel to the other end of the world and show how mobile is being used in East Africa.

And as if that's not enough, Thursday 26th of March features a responsive design workshop, clever trips, tricks, and techniques, by Vitaly Friedman.

Tickets are 275 euros for the conference and 300 euros for the workshop. Lunch and post-conference drinks are included.

We hope to see you on 27th of March!