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Why it may be time to stop using jQuery · 16 April 2013

Although jQuery has been hugely important to the Web, it may be time to re-evaluate it. This article lists many points of details that make jQuery a less-than-optimal framework for this mobile age.

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The effects of Blink's split-off from WebKit · 15 April 2013

Excellent overview of how the WebKit project is hit by Google's decision to go its own way. Also discusses what would happen if Google did the same with Android.

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The Internet in 1995 · 15 April 2013

Half-hour documentary from 1995 about this cool new thing called the Internet - not just for geeks any more. Regular people can use it - for instance through a nice user-friendly CompuServe interface.

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What can we expect from IE11? · 8 April 2013

David Storey connects the dots.

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Element queries instead of media queries? · 8 April 2013

Good idea in principle: element queries.

.element (max-width: 500px) {
// styles in case the element is 500px or less wide

Problem is: at the time the CSS is parsed you may not know the element's width, or its parent's width yet, while the page width we use in standard media queries is known. So although I agree in principle that this is a good idea, it's probably very hard to implement.

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