Mobilism 2015

27th of March, Amsterdam

Mobilism 2015 announced · 29 October 2014 · PPK

On Friday 27th of March 2015 Mobilism will return after a break of a year. Where the first three editions were mostly occupied with web development for mobile phones, this edition is going to cast its net a little wider. We know how to make sites for iOS and Android now, but what's going to be next? Are you ready for TV? Connected devices? Proxy browsers? Come and see!

Early-bird tickets are for sale right now, but we haven't announced any speakers yet. Early-bird tickets are 200 euros, while full tickets will be 275 euros. So it's your choice: trust us and save 75 euros, or wait until the line-up announcement but pay the full price.

To get in the mood you may want to go through our 2013, 2012, or 2011 coverage, where you can find the conference videos as well as blog posts, photos, and more.

We hope to see you in March!

Mobilism speaker change and workshops · 3 May 2013 · PPK

In two weeks' time the third edition of Mobilism will take place in Amsterdam. Tickets are still available; in fact, as Peter-Paul Koch recently wrote, ticket sales have not been overwhelming this year and we've had to economise. That's why we will sit down and think hard about Mobilism's future once the conference is done and dusted.

Still, this year the conference will run as usual on 16th and 17th of May, with 15th of May dedicated to workshops.

We have one speaker change to announce: unfortunately Thomas Fuchs was not able to make it. We have found Remy Sharp willing to take over the slot and the topic: JavaScript frameworks in an increasingly mobile (and thus memory- and processor-challenged) world.

As to the workshops, we offer the following ones:

  • Max Firtman on mobile HTML5
  • Josh Clark on designing for touch
  • Hands-on workshops about Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10 (cancelled on May 7)

Max's and Josh's workshops are one full day and cost 300 euros. The two hands-on workshops are half day, and a ticket for both of them costs 150 euros. There are still tickets for all workshops, although Max's will sell out pretty quickly.

Anyway, we hope to see you in two weeks in Amsterdam!

Finalising our programme · 4 April 2013 · Krijn

In six weeks Mobilism, the conference we started two years ago, will take place in Amsterdam for the third time. Today we're finalising our programme with two more speakers and three extra half-day web app development workshops on the Wednesday before the conference.

  • Martin Kool, mad scientist at the Dutch Q42, will present a case study about a successful cross platform HTML5 game. Yes, they do exist. Martin will show us how they picked their framework of choice, handled cross-platform development and used HTML5 mobile constraints as a benefit. He'll also cover marketing, launch and post-launch and share all their in-depth sales details per appstore.
  • Thomas Fuchs, of Prototype.js, Zepto.js and Micro.js fame, will show us why our sites and apps are broken if they don't load in under a second. He'll look at optimizing bits and pieces from a JavaScript (frameworks) perspective.

With these two names added to our line-up, we now have the following programme for the 16th and 17th of May:

On top of that, Tim Kadlec will make sure the Q&A after each talk will be an interesting part as well. He'll collect questions on Twitter during the talks, so he can interview all speakers for a few minutes.

This year we tried to select more practical, diverse and in-depth topics than last years and we think we've managed to keep up with that idea. Are you convinced as well? We've still got some tickets!

In addition to the conference on Thursday and Friday, we've got workshops scheduled on Wednesday. And we even added three hands-on web app workshops for three up-and-coming operating systems: Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, and Tizen (cancelled on May 7).

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