Mobilism 2015

27th of March, Amsterdam

Full line-up for Mobilism 2015 · 20 January 2015 · PPK

Mobilism 2015 will take place on 27th of March in Amsterdam. Today, our full line-up was revealed. Mobilism first-timers Petro Salema and Agnieszka Walorska are joined by veterans PPK, Seb Lee-Delisle, and Stephanie Rieger to create a nice mix of the new and the familiar.

And don't forget Tim Kadlec, Jacob Rossi, and Sascha Wolter, whom we announced earlier. (Unfortunately Patrick Lauke had to bow out for personal reasons.) See the programme for more details.

This year's Mobilism explores the web of many devices beyond just high-end iOS and Android phones. We'll take a look at mobile in developing nations, changing UX requirements, pointer events and how they differ from touch events, the Internet of Things (but without the hype), and some interesting experiments.

In addition, Vitaly Friedman will give his popular Responsive Design workshop on 26th of March, the day before the conference.

Tickets are still available for €275. Lunch and drinks are included. Workshop tickets are €300.

And if you're thinking about a sponsorship, hey, let's talk!

Mobilism announces four speakers and a workshop · 3 December 2014 · PPK

Today we announced four of our speakers, as well as a workshop. Early bird is over since all early-bird tickets have been sold. Tickets are now €275.

Our speakers are:

  • Tim Kadlec: working with proxy browsers
  • Sascha Wolter: the creativity inherent in the Internet of Things
  • Jacob Rossi: pointer events
  • Patrick Lauke: TVs

We will announce the other speakers in mid-January.

Also, we are proud to announce that Vitaly Friedman will give a workshop on Thursday 26th of March, the day before the conference. It's called "Responsive Design: Clever Tips, Tricks And Techniques", and that title should give you a clue as to what this workshop is about. Tickets are now on sale for €300.

That's it for now; we hope to see you in March!

Mobilism 2015 announced · 29 October 2014 · PPK

On Friday 27th of March 2015 Mobilism will return after a break of a year. Where the first three editions were mostly occupied with web development for mobile phones, this edition is going to cast its net a little wider. We know how to make sites for iOS and Android now, but what's going to be next? Are you ready for TV? Connected devices? Proxy browsers? Come and see!

Early-bird tickets are for sale right now, but we haven't announced any speakers yet. Early-bird tickets are 200 euros, while full tickets will be 275 euros. So it's your choice: trust us and save 75 euros, or wait until the line-up announcement but pay the full price.

To get in the mood you may want to go through our 2013, 2012, or 2011 coverage, where you can find the conference videos as well as blog posts, photos, and more.

We hope to see you in March!

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