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On Wednesday 11th of May we'll organize two workshops. A ticket is €350, and each workshops has 25 places at maximum, ensuring personal contact with the teacher and the other attendees.

The workshops will be held in Felix Meritis, start at 09:00 and end around 17:00. Lunch will be provided.

HTML5 Mobile Web App Development with PhoneGap, by Brian LeRoux

With more than 4.6 billion handsets on the planet, mobile app development is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of the web development discipline. But, mobile platforms are fragmented and distribution can be challenging. Plus, most developers don't know how to transfer their design and development skills to mobile devices.

Enter PhoneGap, an open source platform that makes building mobile applications easy with HTML and JavaScript skills most web developers already possess. Using PhoneGap, web developers can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to access native device features like accelerometer, contacts, camera and geolocation.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to combine your HTML/JavaScript skills with PhoneGap to build applications for multiple mobile platforms. We will look at authoring raw JavaScript targetting HTML5 and Device APIs. Then we'll have a look at some popular frameworks including: XUI, Lawnchair, jqTouch, Sencha, jQuery Mobile and Jo.

More info about Brian, order ticket.

Attendees, 19 so far
Name Company Twitter From
Sébastien Dussaut Walking among Giants sdussaut FR
Remi Sture Mobiletech AS remisture NO
Tormod Tønnesen Mobiletech NO
Balázs Suhajda onereason suhajdab SE
Bernardo Heynemann Nascentes da Silva BR
Victor Nystad A-pressen Digital Medier NO
Kah Tang Indivirtual BV NL
Eric Winther IXD NO
Øyvind Smestad IXD osmestad NO
Jenny Sjögren IXD jennysjogren NO
Daniel Staver IXD NO
Eitan Yacobi Qualcomm IL
Glenn Nilsson Tregusti wailqill SE
Lars Kemnah Werbewind DE
Vincent Smedinga Liones NL
Felix van Geuns Quadia Web TV feulix NL
Mark Paspirgilis Hyve Innovation Community DE
JeanPaul Hemelaar MeasureWorks NL
Martijn Meerts 2Provide Mobile Solutions NL

Designing Mobile Web Experiences, by Luke Wroblewski

This workshop is SOLD OUT.

Each day, device manufacturers ship more than a million touch-screen phones that enable new ways for people to interact with the Web. But when they get to your Web site or application –what kind of experience will people with these devices have? Will they be delighted by your mobile Web experience or frustrated?

In this workshop on Web design best practices for modern mobile devices, Luke Wroblewski will detail how to think about and design for Web organization, actions, inputs, and layout on mobile. Through presentations, collaborative sessions, and lots of examples, you’ll learn how to:

Armed with these design best practices and principles, you can make sure people have a great mobile Web experience whenever they visit your site.

More info about Luke.

Attendees, 30
Name Company Twitter From
Jim Barnard Livebookings UK
Petr van Blokland Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens NL
Torben Wilhelmsen Den Blå Trompet torbenwil DK
Fabio Miranda Costa BR
Thijs Vieleers funda NL
Lisa Sommer Creuna Danmark somlisa DK
Valter Matos Universidade Lusófona PT
Paulo Ferreira Universidade Lusófona Paulo__ PT
Martha Rotter Nomad Editions martharotter IE
Conor O'Sullivan iQ Content ConorOSullivan IE
Marrije Schaake eend marrije NL
Roger Guttormsen IXD NO
Thomas Grøndahl IXD NO
Lammert Postma Informaat NL
Nela Gurevich Qualcomm nelkag IL
Arjen Geerse Red Magic NL
Stijn Verhoeven edenspiekermann stijnverhoeven NL
Jack Zwanenburg edenspiekermann jackzwa NL
Anja Krombholz Yahoo! Inc. DE
Michel Olivier Liones NL
Ermo Leenders Mirabeau NL
Fred Carlsen sjelfull sjelfull NO
Dennis Griffioen MeasureWorks dgriffio NL
Amin Vahidian Kamyar IR
Marino Fassaert Sound of Data marinofassaert NL
Marie-Eve Hubaux Emakina Meve_H BE
Stéphane Lecouturier altima° slecouturier FR
Laurent Willmes altima° FR
Harm van Vugt harmsel NL
Joni Rustulka jahoni CA