Mobilism 2012


  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • Brian LeRoux
  • Stephen Hay
  • Dominique Hazael-Massieux
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Arnaud Weber
  • Greg Schechter
  • Eli Fidler
  • Jake Archibald
  • Kevin Whinnery
  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • Laurent Hasson
  • Igor Faletski
  • James Pearce
  • Dan Appelquist
  • Brad Frost
  • Brian Fling
  • Eugene Goldin
  • Heiko Behrens
  • Horace Dediu
  • Scott Jenson
  • Lyza Danger Gardner
  • Jason Grigsby
  • Remy Sharp

Mobilism 2012 is done

We'll be back in 2013

Mobile is becoming increasingly important to web designers and developers because users expect a site to work on their phones. Simultaneously, the web is becoming increasingly important to the mobile world because it is the only way to deploy an application to any phone.

Nowadays most web conferences feature a mobile session, and most mobile conferences a web session. The obvious next step is Mobilism: a conference wholly dedicated to mobile web design and development.

In 2011 and 2012 we invited some of the best speakers from the web development and the mobile world, as well as representatives from browser vendors, operators, W3C, and tool makers, to guide you through the confusing jumble of platforms, tools, screen sizes, standards, and browsers that is the mobile ecosystem.

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