Workshop Responsive Design: Clever Tips, Tricks And Techniques

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On Thursday 26th of March there will be a workshop by Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Web Magazine. Tickets are €300 + VAT and lunch is included.

The workshop Responsive Design: Clever Tips, Tricks And Techniques provides a comprehensive overview of smart responsive design patterns, advanced front-end techniques, clever UX patterns, optimization for critical rendering path and robust performance tricks — a treasure of actionable, hands-on takeaways to apply in your project. We'll be looking at many case studies and real-life examples of projects using these techniques effectively today.

The workshop has two main parts:

  • The first half of the day is dedicated to design/UX, the RWD workflow ("designing systems"), content choreography, design patterns, responsive components (tables, calendars, navigations, forms etc.) and delightful UX,
  • the second half covers technical considerations, front-end techniques, performance strategies and optimization for the critical rendering path.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Effective tools and techniques that can support and enhance your personal workflow when working on any responsive design project,
  • An overview of clever practical techniques for improving UX of responsive sites,
  • Front-end strategies for scalable, resolution-independent graphics and maintainable CSS code with SVG and icon fonts,
  • Responsive design patterns and innovative approaches to designing "responsive modules" such as tables, calendars, multi-level menus, maps and Web forms,
  • Clever performance tricks, smart lazy loading and dealing with Web fonts,
  • Testing, debugging and maintenance techniques for responsive sites as well as lessons learned from Smashing Magazine's own redesign in 2012,
  • Technical issues (and solutions) for responsive advertising and responsive email newsletters,
  • How the design processes should adapt in terms of the project management, deliverables, performance budgets, team organization and strategy.


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Register for this workshop. Tickets are €300 + VAT. Lunch is included.


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