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Android 4.0 Chrome to be frozen · 9 March 2015

Google announces that Chrome 42 will be the last version for Android 4.0. That's an interesting new twist on the Chromium saga, because it means later Android versions will also see a maximum Chrome version. That, in turn, means that even more Chromium versions will visit your website.

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Is smartphone penetration massively overestimated? · 6 March 2015

It may be that dual SIM phones, massively popular in the developing world, distort smartphone penetration numbers because they're counted once for each SIM card, while both have only one user.

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WebView for Android · 5 March 2015

The official overview of WebViews for Android. So far, devices mostly actually follow these rules, but there will be a few exceptions, never fear. And we'll report them.

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Data on Second Hand Smartphones · 3 March 2015

Tomi Ahonen pounces on rare second-hand phone data by Gartner. Once we've replaced our modern smartphone with another one, what happens to the old one? How many people hand them down to their children or other family members? How does this affect installed base shares?

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Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Engineers On Mobile · 2 March 2015

Fred Wilson worries about an increasingly artificial separation between engineers and mobile engineers. The most successful companies just use engineers who are also fluent in mobile.

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