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Mobilism 2015 is over

17 January 2012 · PPK

Mobilism is proud to announce Lyza Danger Gardner, who started as a web developer and moved to mobile back in 2007, co-founding Cloud Four with Jason Grigsby (who’ll, incidentally, also speak at Mobilism).

We've also released our all-but-final video from last year: Stephanie Rieger

Take a look at the programme page yourself: our line-up is progressing quite nicely; thanks so much. And we’ll also get a Fast Track with some quite interesting speakers, a mobile browser panel with Jeremy Keith, and no less than Mr. Responsive Design Ethan Marcotte will take us to the next level of responsiveness (and designiness).

And it’s in May in Amsterdam, when the city is at its most beautiful. So what’s not to like? Buy your ticket now!