Mobilism 2012 is done

We'll be back in 2013

On Wednesday May 9th we'll host two workshops:

A ticket is €350, and each workshops has 20 places at maximum, ensuring personal contact with the teacher and the other attendees. The workshops will be held in Felix Meritis, start at 09:00 and end around 17:00. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Mobile Web Apps by Remy Sharp

Building rich interactive web sites...dare I say web apps - is a reality with the smart phone browsers shipping with all the latest JavaScript and CSS technologies.

This day long workshop will be a mix of introducing the latest technology & tricks on the mobile device and hands on practical exercises where you'll get to play with what you're learning.

Although this workshop will have an iOS focus, a lot of the technology we will look at applies to most new WebKit based devises (Android, Playbook, etc) and smartphones running Opera Mobile.

What you'll learn

  • How to take advantage of unique properties of the mobile device, using some of the latest technologies
  • Handling and working with touch and other mobile specific events
  • Debugging approach: going way, way beyond the bad old alert
  • Working offline: storing application assets and all it's data locally to the device
  • Looking at framework and libraries to speed up development and time to release
  • Deployment optimisations: getting your mobile app to your user real quick


  • Bring your mobile device, preferably an iPhone or iPad with the latest OS, and a laptop
  • A little knowledge of CSS and JavaScript will help
  • The latest install of Google Chrome or Safari (on your laptop)


Name Company Twitter
Rob Chandler Outside Line
Mikael Gyde Møller Valtech A/S
Gunnar Hafdal Valtech A/S GunnarHafdal
Kamil Kuliczkowski Roche Polska
Elizabeth Coulter-Smith University of Worcester
Sebastian Boguszewicz Nasza Klasa sp. z o.o. sebbie1o1
Allan Arriaga Conmio afarriaga
Joël Kuijten Superficial PM5544
Timóteo Rodrigues COFAC
Michal Karnicki Canonical
Kevin Hague Nokia jsguy

How to get from here to everywhere: Taking your web skills mobile, by Jason Grigsby and Lyza Danger Gardner

OK. You already know how to wield HTML and CSS, and maybe you can juggle JavaScript and server-side technologies, too. What you need to know is how to take your existing web skills mobile—quickly.

Lyza Gardner and Jason Grigsby, co-authors of "Head First Mobile Web" (O'Reilly), will show you the leading strategies for making web sites mobile friendly, whether you're adapting existing sites or building new ones from scratch. There is no silver bullet. But in this hands-on workshop, we'll show you the tools that make up the mobile web designer and developer arsenal—and how to choose which tactics to use for different projects.

You’ll get to know:

  • Responsive Web Design (RWD): fluid layouts, media queries, and a whole lot of thinking differently
  • Mobile-first and content-first RWD: treating content with respect
  • Image handling and other performance optimization tactics
  • What devices should we support...and how?
  • HTML5 everywhere? Mobile-optimized markup for cruftier devices
  • Tools to make your job way, way easier
  • Sniff, sniff: Server-side device detection and content adaptation
  • What’s on the horizon? How to keep today’s awesomeness from breaking tomorrow


Name Company Twitter
Arnaud Delafosse arnauddelafosse
Phillip Wölfel planungsbüro/INTERNET pbim
Vincent Hillenbrink Goeie Jongens goeiejongens
Jacob Moon Google
Eoghan Murray StatCounter eoghanomurray
Jikke Broxterman Jixit
Willem-Daan Poppe Waag Society
Vivienne van Velzen Torin internet applications
Slawomir Kuczkowski Nasza Klasa sp. z o.o.
Pascal Gagneur Novamedia SV PostkodLotteriet AB pascalgagneur
Johan Hörnqvist Novamedia SV PostkodLotteriet AB johanhq
Hjortur Scheving Think Simple thewebhero
Eric Haidara Skalar stratosferik
Thomas Grøndahl Skalar
Roger Guttormssen Skalar
Michal Aleksander Grupa Allegro
Konrad Synoradzk Grupa Allegro
Radoslaw Kozlowski Grupa Allegro
Fabio Venni
Jonathan Hunter
Alexandru Tudor
Anna Lorenz
Martijn Jongkind Frontlab amsterdamtinus
Frederick Bogaert The Reference
James Bailey Financial Times
Marc Bruisten Evident Interactive
Dorota Szuszkiewicz Grupa Allegro
Arjen Kaldenbach Peppered