Mobilism 2012 is done

We'll be back in 2013

We're working on the Mobilism 2012 coverage. This page will eventually contain links to all presentations and videos, as well as blog posts about the conference. Our coverage is not yet complete; we'll continue working on it during May and June.


We're currently gathering all presentations. This list is not yet complete, but will be later on.


The videos are going to take a while; they first have to be edited. So we're expecting the first batch of session videos around the end of May.

And an unofficial video: Phil Winram made this compilation of Seb Lee-Delisle's session.


Ms Jen has taken some stunning photos of the conference, the speakers, the venue, and attendees.

Blog posts

Here are some blog posts about Mobilism 2012. We're still looking for more of them.

Let's stay in touch

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