Call for Papers

Mobilism will feature a Fast Track where beginning or not-so-well-known speakers can get a 30-minute slot to entertain and enlighten our audience about one aspect of the mobile web.

Interested? Submit a paper.

We don't yet have a specific number of Fast Track presentations in mind; that depends on the quality of the proposals. If we get only two good proposals, there will be only two Fast Track presentations; if we get many more we could accomodate up to ten or so.


  • Please send us a proposal for a session and a link to a video of you presenting in English.
  • The video is required. Proposals without a video link will be rejected automatically. We want to see how well you do on stage.
  • The Call for Papers closes on 16th of December. We hope to take a final decision in February.
  • Take your time. Any proposal received before or on 16th of December will be considered. It's better to take a week extra to fine-tune your proposal than to hurry.
  • The session on the video can be about anything; we'll use it to judge your presentation skills and your mastery of English, and not the content of your proposal.
  • The proposal must treat an aspect of the mobile web.
  • The proposal must not be about iPhone and/or Android only.
  • We prefer proposals that explore one specific topic in depth to generic ones.
  • We prefer well-constructed stories to proposals that treat a few bullet points.
  • Product-centered presentations are not outright forbidden, but we'd prefer not to have them. So you'll have a better chance if your proposal is not about your company's product.
  • Proposals that explain your company's mobile web strategy are very welcome, though.

Send in your proposal

The Call for Papers is now closed

Accepted proposals

  • If we select you we want you. You cannot send a substitute.
  • You get a 30-minute slot during one of the conference days, of which about 5 minutes should be spent on Q&A.
  • You can only modify your proposal after consultation with us.
  • You get two free tickets to the conference and a speaker fee of €500. Note that we cannot afford to pay for your flight and hotel.
  • We will film some Fast Track sessions, and the videos will eventually be made available. We will decide which sessions to film and when the video goes live.