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Mobilism 2015 is over

27 March 2012 · PPK

Today we announce our last speaker: no less than Brian Fling, principal of pinchzoom. In keeping with the design-minded philosophy of his company, Brian will talk about the principles of good mobile design, based on a transferral to mobile of Dieter Rams's 10 principles.

With Brian's announcement we have only one empty slot left in our programme, and we can already tell you that it will not feature a solo speaker. For the moment we're going to be quite evasive and coy about this session. We'll unveil it next week.

Tickets are still available; and frankly, if your job is to incorporate mobile into the web you can't afford to miss this conference. In addition, we'll feature workshops by Remy Sharp about building mobile web apps, and by Lyza Gardner and Jason Grigsby on taking your desktop web skills to mobile from a content and interaction design point of view.

See you in Amsterdam in May.