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Mobilism 2015 is over

13 March 2012 · PPK

Today Mobilism continues its ongoing quest to systematically destroy your rationalisations for not buying a ticket right now. We give you no less than six brand-new reasons to attend:

  • Laurent Hasson on viewports and touch events
  • Greg Schechter and Eugene Goldin on bringing YouTube videos to mobile
  • Brad Frost on a future-friendly web
  • Igor Faletski on mobifying e-commerce
  • Kevin Whinnery on Titanium
  • Jake Archibald on appcache douchebagism (note: not incompetence or difficulty; definitely douchebagism)

All these great speakers have been selected for the Mobilism Fast Track: three times two session of half an hour.

In addition, we've released the descriptions of nearly all sessions, so that you can find out what all our great speakers are going to talk about. As you can see the topics are quite diverse, ranging from asymmetric competition to mobile debugging.

Tickets are still to be had; also for the two workshops we've arranged for Wednesday 9th of May. And Amsterdam is beautiful in Spring. So what are you waiting for?