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Mobilism 2015 is over

4 April 2013 · Krijn

In six weeks Mobilism, the conference we started two years ago, will take place in Amsterdam for the third time. Today we're finalising our programme with two more speakers and three extra half-day web app development workshops on the Wednesday before the conference.

  • Martin Kool, mad scientist at the Dutch Q42, will present a case study about a successful cross platform HTML5 game. Yes, they do exist. Martin will show us how they picked their framework of choice, handled cross-platform development and used HTML5 mobile constraints as a benefit. He'll also cover marketing, launch and post-launch and share all their in-depth sales details per appstore.
  • Thomas Fuchs, of Prototype.js, Zepto.js and Micro.js fame, will show us why our sites and apps are broken if they don't load in under a second. He'll look at optimizing bits and pieces from a JavaScript (frameworks) perspective.

With these two names added to our line-up, we now have the following programme for the 16th and 17th of May:

On top of that, Tim Kadlec will make sure the Q&A after each talk will be an interesting part as well. He'll collect questions on Twitter during the talks, so he can interview all speakers for a few minutes.

This year we tried to select more practical, diverse and in-depth topics than last years and we think we've managed to keep up with that idea. Are you convinced as well? We've still got some tickets!

In addition to the conference on Thursday and Friday, we've got workshops scheduled on Wednesday. And we even added three hands-on web app workshops for three up-and-coming operating systems: Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, and Tizen (cancelled on May 7).